Gv tips terms and conditions



1) To receive the alerts you must be 18 years of age or over.


2) All information sent is confidential and only intended for sole use to the recipient.

If you are found to have shared the information we will immediately cancel your services.


3) Users need to be aware that we are dealing with software and software programs may 

need updates or can go down due to technical issues from time to time but in such cases we will endeavour

to correct any problems to get normal service back up and running with minimal disruption. 


4) Early alerts users please understand that this service is my own manual work and if I have other

engagements or have taken holidays then there will be no tips during that period. The low cost of these alerts 

reflects this and you can expect to receive tips for at least 21 days out of each month of the year but that is not guaranteed.


5) Gvtips reserves the right to cancel services or memberships at any time if we feel that you are not benefiting from

or seem unhappy with the service. This service is not suitable for everyone and although we want to help and advise

all our users to make this a profitable venture Gvtips is not under any obligation , liability or contract with any users.


6) Gvtips make no guarantee of profitability of the information provided and we urge you to decide for yourself by

viewing our previous tips history / profit loss records.