Another fine result, phenomenal tipping. As a system enthusiast, I have to say this is the best I have seen in a long time, particularly as it produces lots of selections and still stays in profit. 

There is a lot of rubbish peddled around the net and elsewhere and you have worked out something exceptional. I hope you have written it down for the nation's punters in case you step under a bus!!

Spot on ! If you join and have a few days of losers or coming out even don't get twitchy. This guy knows his stuff and the rules of betting he's posted are right on the money. Stick to it and you'll be quids in. Top info, top site and top fella.

Wow !!! Winner after winner today, can't really add anymore than I've said before.  you're a top fella giving your info out. You said on your  write up you wanted too make the bookies pay for giving you the run around, well you're doing that and in style 

another grand day, well done and thank you. Even the Stewards Cup, infamous as one of the big lottery races of the flat season! Intrinsic won so well and made it look easy.


Just got home from the match toon.0- city 2......all made that bit sweeter by todays racing punts...once again  thanks very much...at this rate i will be able to buy the lads a new no9 myself....howay the lads !!!

For the first time in my betting lifetime the losers really don't bother me, flat spots will always happen but these flat spots don't really even register. The key to all this is the betting bank, stay calm and disciplined and you're on a winner. 8-)

I've been betting since I backed Little Polveir in the National back in the day(28/1!) and  this has been the only tipster/system I have found to deliver a decent, consistent profit to level stakes.Very grateful.

Well i have followed Gv from the start and i can tell you at times i thought the guy was buying tomorrows paper.

I have been betting for about 35 years and followed Timeform for many years but I have known Gv tips have 5 out of 5, i think a 3 from 4 and 4 from 5 in a week.

It just keeps getting better and better...... I just love the look on the face of the staff in the bookies.... as I collect,collect and collect again... Cheers ..

until I started following I'd lost more money than Paul Merson on a weekend wobble ! Luckily the hair was already in the sink before i started giving it away but Keep the winners going and I might start thinking about getting a " Rooney "

I have never seen a win ratio like that ever before in one day...it was unbelievable !!! 
And I may never see it again...but if it does ever happen again, I'm here and ON IT !!

What an absolute legend @GVbettingtips is! Huge profit again, best tipster on Twitter by a mile! #bookiebashing #hero

Absolute different class AGAIN !! 5 races, 4 winners and loser smashed last fence and may have won.