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well in today, keep up the good work 


Brilliant tipping ... Only takes a good to turn it round ... We are now in profit !! 
Like it !! I'm glad I kept he faith !

Id love to work out your system tho...

Well done and thanks


A couple of nice winners today at decent odds have now put the "early alerts system" in PROFIT !! :-)

Well done and thank you !



Stunning profit today !! Well done !! 

Glad I kept faith in your system !! 

Do you think I should slightly increase my stakes as my pot grows ??
I currently using £5 a point... 

Thanks again and well done


What a day great tipping many thanks I owe you a beer. 


Brilliant tips today m8 !! Well done !
3 winners out of 4 tips...class tipping ! 

Shame about the rule 4 deductions....but still good profit today :-)


Another cracking day !!

Well done !! Your in form m8 !!

Even if and when you do hit a sticky patch there is enough profit already to absorb it !!

I like it !! 

Just wish I could work your system out :-)


Many thanks ! Great info.


GV your a legend 


Another fine result, phenomenal tipping. As a system enthusiast, I have to say this is the best I have seen in a long time, particularly as it produces lots of selections and still stays in profit. There is a lot of rubbish peddled around the net and elsewhere and you have worked out something exceptional. I hope you have written it down for the nation's punters in case you step under a bus!!

Seriously it is good of you to make this available to mere mortals who are now caning the bookies on a regular basis. Thank you.


Another brilliant day, top info, many thanks.


Brilliant day today !! Well done and thank you !!


Yes superb, outstanding


Bosh ! Look at that !! Laffan smashing home @ 9's ! Now that's a big deposit into the holiday fund. Lol


Thanks for another great day, for those looking at this forum for the first time, please believe in this guy and stick with him through good days and bad days, as this is a marathon not a sprint....thanks again


Spot on ! If you join and have a few days of losers or coming out even don't get twitchy. This guy knows his stuff and the rules of betting he's posted are right on the money. Stick to it and you'll be quids in. Top info, top site and top fella.


What do they say ? Always save the best for last, 9/1. You little beauty. 

Nice one john, cheers.


Top notch tipping.It's not the losers that matter, but the price of the winners!




Wow !!! Winner after winner today, can't really add anymore than I've said before. John you're a top fella giving your info out. You said on your e-bay write up you wanted too make the bookies pay for giving you the run around, well you're doing that and in style 

Thanks my friend. 


lost for words...genius!!


Any other day and I would have been a bit disappointed with artful rogue just missing out but with 5 winners from 8 and the well backed son of africa winning I'm a very happy man.


Many thanks. Great days tipping brad


24 points profit in one day !! Nope, you're not dreaming that says " 24 points " Mamma Mia !! 



Thanks, John another fantastic day. My policy of including a small multiple bet or two on your selections paid off in style with a e/w yankee on Pethers Moon, Son of Africa,J Wonder and Artful Rogue. Sheer tipping genius.


Here we go again !! Intrinsic smashes home @ 8's !!


Well we didn't hit the bar with Tindaro, we hit both posts and it was kicked off the line, lost by a nose @ 10's but John wasn't to be denied. He smashed home Online Alexander @ 9's just to make up for it. Yet another jackpot day. Words fail me. Thanks John.


John my bags are packed, will give it another week to decide between Blackpool or Bermuda depending on the pot.....get in what a great day !!...Tindaro would have been asking too much....but it would have been nice


A massive well done and thank you !!
Especially these last few days !!

My pot has doubled from where we started... Brilliant system !!
I wish I could crack it...but in the meantime I'm happy to ride your roller coaster system :-)

Amazing tipping !!


Grand day today, well done


I think we could all get together and try and crack the system but it's pointless. John is in a league of his own, i bow down to the man. Top class. 


John, another grand day, well done and thank you. Even the Stewards Cup, infamous as one of the big lottery races of the flat season! Intrinsic won so well and made it look easy.



For the first time in my betting lifetime the losers really don't bother me, flat spots will always happen but John's flat spots don't really even register. The key to all this is the betting bank, stay calm and disciplined and you're on a winner. 8-)


Wow !! 6 races, 4 winners.........get donating people !


Another cracker, cheers John. 


Another super day, great feeling to be hammering the 'enemy' on a regular basis. I always include a 10p e/w acca, just in case! At the prices i have, tomorrows 8 fold pays just over £44k. Well, it could happen and the rest of my bets are a little more professional....


well done..yet another brilliant day !! 

top tips !! your bang in form !!

thanks !!


What !! Perfect words had a record of 0-26 and just steamed home @ 6's ! John, have you got a Delorean stuffed away somewhere or what !!l


Unbelievable !! Brilliant tip !!

I read 0-26 somewhere but had to keep the faith !! Glad I did !! :-)

I love getting the first one in...virtually level for the day already !! We can sit back and relax :-) 

I love you john !! LOL




Wow !!if you've not seen the last race, Almagest just ran an absolute blinder !! Well done that man and brings home the bacon boys !


Seriously John it was a monster ride, smashed through the pack and picked em off on the line. Winning is great but when a jockey rides like that it just puts the cherry on it. Another great day. Well done, again. Lol.


Another profitable day ! Well done and thank you !

First winner settles the nerves the rest are just a bonus :-)

Brilliant too see a jockey trying his best to win...not always the case lately...partly why I have give up trying to beat the bookie alone...

Anyway thanks again !!


I'm off 2 the doctors later. Got a real bad case of second-i-tus. Starting to sting now


Cancel the doctor.  Bosh 10/1 winner.  Wow.


John, great tip and a good ride from David Probert. Had the guts to force a gap where there really wasn't one, luckily far enough out not to incur the wrath of the stewards. Saved the day!


337 points profit in just over 5 months !! Just gutted i only found John 2 months ago. Really is something else


another good day..well done.


Another winning day...victory from the jaws of defeat.....the last 2 strolled home ..well done


Bosh ! The best for last again !! Lilly Edge does the business @ 10's ! 


It just keeps getting better and better...... I just love the look on the face of the staff in the bookies.... as I collect,collect and collect again... Cheers John..


What a day, what a finish! Sweet 


Well if a 14/1 winner doesn't make your Sunday spuds taste better nothing will !!!     Now that deserves a booooooom


amazing tipping, cracking day today, thanks! 


Just got in from work...
WOW...Brilliant return today...well done and thank you...


Just got home from the match toon.0- city 2......all made that bit sweeter by todays racing punts...once again John thanks very this rate i will be able to buy the lads a new no9 myself....howay the lads !!!


Missed a few days while BT took their sweet time repairing my landline and broadband. They finally got their act together today for a nice profitable day, although the prices had long gone! Many thanks


John, until i met you I'd lost more money than Paul Merson on a weekend wobble ! Luckily the hair was already in the sink before i started giving it away but Keep the winners going and I might start thinking about getting a " Rooney "


Bosh !! Take that Mr Bookie saucy minx smashes home !! It's gonna be a good weekend lads 


OMG !! Dansili Dutch just gets done @ 9's !! If that had come in i was off for a serious lay down ! 
It superb stuff today, top drawer. 


Gerrin!!!...happy hour 6-7 today....drinks all round


Great day & Top Tipping John - You might see all the bookies in the pub tonight drowning their sorrows


Brilliant tips yet again !! Well done and thank !!

Nice price winners and close to a couple more..

Enjoy a relaxing tipple tonight... I've done the same :-)


Gotta love a 7/1 winner on a soggy Tuesday ! Very nice


This is the only way of beating the bookie in my opinion...I've give up trying on my own :-(

Anybody who has been here from the start (approx 155 points) will be well over double there initial investment...therefore still playing with the bookies money :-) 
We can't consistently beat that can we...or we wouldn't be here :-)


Back on song.

Form is temporary, but class is permanent.

Well done John


During a bad spell (which will happen again at some point) we all have to remember if we stick to the betting stake rules it's only a matter of time before our luck turns around...and there's little damage go our betting bank.

More to the point...the best thing is we are playing with the bookies money :-) 

It's brilliant and stress free playing with their money...I love it !! 


And the reason I followed john onto his forum was because I watched his tips elsewhere and he was constantly in profit...

Then one day he got 9 out of 9 !!!!!!

I have never seen a win ratio like that ever before in one was unbelievable !!! 
And I may never see it again...but if it does ever happen again, I'm here and ON IT !!


Well done John.
12 points profit over 4 days.
Average 3 points aday.
Thankyou very much.


Well i have followed from the start and i can tell you at times i thought the guy was buying tomorrows paper. You are right things have to improve and they will, i have been betting for about 35 years and followed Timeform for many years and they have bad runs. I have known John have 5 out of 5, i think a 3 from 4 and 4 from 5 in a week so keep the faith.


On fire ATM! Great day!





After yesterdays 3 from 3..GV smash it with 2 from 3 in early selections...5-1 and 9-4..Great Stuff Again !!


Eurystheus wins at 8-1 , another great profitable day at GV ...WELL DONE !!!!


5 from 6, can't be bad...well done John.


Another great day, I think 3 point profit, could of been masdive, 1x 1st 3x 2nd 1x close to 3rd and 1x donkey.


Well done today  

Did anyone else place a cheeky Trixie 


Lol what a day... Your tips are hot! I did for fun 10pence on last 4 races last night which returned £52 lol crazy



Another excellent day, John, many thanks. Glad I kept the faith and stayed with the system.



Another great day ,,4 winners from 7 selections,,8-1 4-1 3-1 11-4,,,ABSOLUTELY SMASHING IT,,ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT,,THE BEST !


Frizzo wins at 5-1 for Early alerts,,,,,,,and Lucy The Painter advised at 40-1 comes home for the Beehive Pros !!!!


Friday goes BOOM at GV...early alerts 4 selections 2 winners at 7-1 and 13-2..Beehive system also buzzes big profit..THE BEST


Fab day for GV followers today,,AGAIN !!!


Another amazing day, think 7/9 came top 3 placed/win.

So jealous of the standard alerts tho, not even been a month and its returned over 90pts profit.


Not been on for a while as things have popped up but with you now bud. Always knew the winners would come anyway. The form is temporary, class is permanent is very apt when it comes too your tips my friend.


A couple of crackers today John, well played.


Well done again John, fine days tipping.


Another two winners on GV Early alerts plus profit on the Beehive...with all the 'BOOM IDIOTS' on twitter,,dont overlook GV !


3 winning selections in EARLY ALERTS..10-1 , 11-4..and 4-1..over 11 points up in one day...GREAT STUFF AGAIN!!


boooooom. Dynamo Waltz @ 7/1. Now that's a REAL tipsters !


Another good day, cheers John. Did them in a lucky 15 and return £480 but if Fire in Babylon had have got up I'd have trousered 2k ! Cracking info again.


Great day and great tips once again! I feel bad about fire on Babylon so deserved to win that



Beehive alerts gave me 12 plus point profit today...GREAT STUFF...AS EVER


The master strikes again !!! 14/1 ! Booooooom. Malanos !


forget 8/1 ! More like 14's ! That's simply brilliant


For those wondering what exactly a BOOM is...2-20 Manalos...advised last night by GV....14-1..BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM !


Bang on Keith ! Seriously ! Forget the rest, John IS the man


bosh ! 11/4, 11/8 and 6/4 winners for the master today.


Another day of profit 3 winners from 4 selections..11-8, 11-4 and i am nearly 9 points up on the Beehive today !!




Great day at GV AGAIN !!..Early alerts have 3-1 7-1 6-1 and 5-2 winnners 9 points profit on the day..BEEHIVE ALSO WELL UP !


bosh ! First race and a 7/2 winner ! Class Top punting. Cheers John.


I've never been a fan of AW racing, mainly moderate horses and too often some iffy rides, but they saved our bacon today!!! Great result from GV again


Said it before but I'll say it again for the cheap seats. The earlies may not be John's bread and butter but he sure does punch out the winners ! 3 crackers today and profit. Legend !!


Spot on guys, I've been betting since I backed Little Polveir in the National back in the day(28/1!) and John has been the only tipster/system I have found to deliver a decent, consistent profit to level stakes.Very grateful.


The effort john puts in for nothing in return for me is amazing ! I've been trying too beat the bookies for 25 years and paid tipsters fortunes only to find out they're full of crap


Another brilliant day on the early alerts. Top man.


Great day! Profitable day on early & starter alerts! 30pts so far in the Early's in this month, let's see if we can beat march 87pts :p. Great idea with the point table. By far the best boom train ive been on :p


Amazing to hit a profit in such a dire day condition wise...

So close and could easily of been a truely spectacular day !! 

Well done and thanks

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