Night Bee betting system


Evening tips

Tips today for tomorrows racing


How it works 


Night bee


The Night Bee is very much a bee hive / early alert hybrid and the alert criteria is a mix of both systems with a few additional features that allow the Night Bee to find value bets before the day of the racing. The tips are sent the night before the following days racing so that you can place your bets the night before with nothing more to do but cheer on the tips.



How are the tips sent?


The Night bee alerts are sent as emails which are sent out at random times each evening between 6pm - 11pm .




How many tips will I receive?


The amount of tips will vary from day to day and I would expect you should expect to receive on average around 4 tips per day.




How often will I receive tips?


Unlike the early alerts the Night bees dont take nights off or holidays so you can expect to receive tips all year round , if there is racing the Night Bees will do their best to find you the best value bets for tomorrows racing.

Night Bee alerts             £29.99 pcm