You too can make a second income from horse racing with our simple to follow system.

All tips sent the evening before for the following days racing in a single email so all you have to do is place the bets which should take no more than 5 minutes.
So for 5 minutes work each day how much could you earm?
Our Early Alerts have made a lsp level stakes profit of 1797pts since 2014 which is £50'000 if using £25 stakes.
We are also going to give you free our Night Bee service which has made a lsp level stakes profit of 521pts.
This service has generated a profit of £13'000 to £25 stakes since launch 2 years ago.

Technology is improving all the time and now combining my own selection process with our outcome prediction software we are now able to beat the bookies and can guarantee a long term profit from horse racing.

My name is John and I have been a professional gambler for over a decade in which time I have continued to refine my system and have worked with some of the leading names in horse racing and worked with some of the very best software programmers and analysts in the country.

We are probably the best kept secret in horse racing and only recently have we opened the doors to a select number of clients , we are now looking to expand our client base but numbers will be limited.

Why you ask would we sell a service that is proven to be profitable ? well the answer to this is when you become a winning customer the bookies restrict and close accounts and make it impossible to place a bets. We have now exhausted all ours and friends and families online accounts and have been restricted to small stakes at start price in most of the high street bookies within many miles of our base.

We have now been offering our horse racing tip since 2014 and have proven results that are head and shoulders above all our competitors many of whom artificially inflate profits and keep no transparent records.

We only use 1pt lsp level stakes profit - many tipsters will advise tips of 2-5pts which inflates profits and gives a very false impression of the tipsters performance.

We only tip as 1pt singles - you will find that some tipsters look like they have made huge profit but quite often this is down to a lucky multiple bet which very rarely win so in the long term there is every chance that the profits will become losses.



Winning slips

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Night Bee Alerts

We would expect you to get around 4-6 alerts per day.


Regular price £29.99 pcm

Early alerts

The early alerts are tips that are sent in a single email the night before the following days racing and you should expect on average 6 tips per day.


Regular price £29.99 pcm



£9.99 for the 1st month & then

JUST £30.00 PCM for both services.