Frequently asked questions

Open betting accounts with different bookmakers.

There are so many bookmakers to choose from but we would start with BETFRED , CORAL , BET365 , LADBROKES and WILLIAM HILL as these are known to have some great offers , be very competitive with prices and offer best odds guaranteed.

Use an oddschecker.

Once you receive the tip use an oddschecker to find the best available price. We use We do not point to a single bookmaker because you may find better odds using an oddschecker and it is not a good idea for all members to place the same bets with the same bookmaker at the same time as this would lead to account restrictions.

Early price vs SP?

We strongly recommend that you back our tips at the advised odds (early price) and do not take the SP (starting price)

Do not delay

Back the tips as soon as they are sent otherwise you might miss the advised odds and this will have a very negative impact on your profits.

Level stakes

Always use level stakes for all the tips and do not be tempted to increase stakes to cover losses as the losses are short term and you will always win it back in the long run. Chasing losses will result in you losing money in the long term.

Betting bank

You will need a good betting bank of 100pts and only use stakes that you are comfortable with. We don't want you giving up just because you hit a few losers , losing runs can always be expected so be prepared and keep your nerve.


The odds on the tip are a guide to what price you should expect but these odds may not always be available due to bookmakers price changes. There is nothing we can do about this but it is possible on occassion that you can get greater than the advised odds. If the advised price is not available take the best available price and also check the exchanges too as sometimes you might get better value with them but be sure to take into account the commission.

Patience & Discipline

The most frequent reason for failure is lack of patience and betting bank. We have the perfect system that will not fail to provide you with profit , it's proven. So you place you bets and back the next lot of tips ; LOSE! and the next LOSE! and the next LOSE! you get the picture. The average punter will not have the patience to cope with a losing run of 4 , 5 or 6 losers so the system is deemed trash and the next lot of tips is ignored and BANG! WINNER 16-1! After seeing this he bets the next LOSER! now the system is forgot and he is scanning the paper for a DEAD CERT favourite or another tipster to recoup the losses. This type of scenario happens all too often so you need to have PATIENCE , DISCILPINE and a 100pt BANK and the nerve to continue when things are not going your way because in the long run you will reap the benefits.

Betting Rules